The PPC writing looks great!

Derek Dirks, RadiusBridge

You are the one content writer that I’ve worked with in the past year and a half that has delivered the quality that I need.

Chraig Rhode, digital marketer

I was impressed by how professional and responsive Mandy was through our work together. If you’re looking for an on-the-ball copywriter who cares about her clients, Mandy’s your woman!

Danny Iny, Founder and CEO at Mirasee

In the last year or so, Mandy has helped me in forging the content for my website – AllerPops.com, reshaping the user instruction, and writing several press releases. She got a very good understanding of the health theory behind AllerPops in a short time. Her work has facilitated our business expansion and has significantly improved customers’ experiences with AllerPops.

Cliff Han, Founder of AllerPops

Mandy Marksteiner, copywriter, is on her A-Game!

She sized up my target market and reworked the title of my new Grocery Store Savings eBook. Bulls Eye!

Mandy is easy to work with and adds huge value! Highly recommended.

Arthur VanDam, Author and Business Development Professional

Mandy has been great to work with. She is helpful and resourceful and is a great writer. She can think outside the box and takes a personal interest in her clients.

I highly recommend Mandy.

Terri Huber, Spectrum Financial

You’re a fantastic writer! I really liked your article on savings.

Nathan Wade, editor, www.wealthfit.com

Mandy Marksteiner kicks ass at writing daily emails. I gladly handed off daily operations of my business focused on helping trumpet players succeed as entrepreneurs to Mandy. She showed an extraordinary diligence in sending daily emails which were insightful and fun to read. She also served as a community manager for our Facebook group and used it to grow our email list by 200% in the space of 60 days.

James Newcomb, Trumpet Dynamics

Mandy Marksteiner makes music with her words. Her intuition and keen, result-focused insights make her a fabulous source for content generation, headline innovation, and copywriting for any industry or business sector. I am privileged to be working with her on multiple projects.

David Wolf, podcast producer, podcastandradio.com

I love your slice-of-life emails… always a good way to reach out to customers.

Paul Bobnak, Director of Who’s Mailing What!

I want to thank you for the interview article. You made a nice piece out of a long bit of talking. Impressive. We are trying hard to get this project home and articles like yours help a great deal.

Ruth Tatter, Artist

Even if she charged five times what she does, it would still be worth it!

Fernando Crucet, Partner at Pig + Fig Cafe

Mandy’s writing style is riveting and fun. We also contract with her on most projects where quality writing is required.

Patrick Brenner, owner of EDJwerks

Mean, bitchy, and intolerant — which is why I LIKE her so much! She hated me. Almost threw a drink on me. Then proceeded to invite me to be a guest on her podcast, and she became an Email Players subscriber. Her attitude — intellectually honest and hardcore — will take her far. She probably doesn’t even realize it yet…

Ben Settle

I’m enjoying these articles you’ve been writing. You always bring up interesting points.

Charlotte Crockett, Editor of B2B Writing Success

Mandy helped out big time on the RJTT when we had stops in New Mexico.

Mike LaRosa, Marketing Manager for Paul Singh’s Results Junkies Tech Tour

Mandy is an awesome copywriter! She is professional, versatile, and very attentive to her customer’s needs. She writes easy-to-read, persuasive copy that gets people (your customers!) to take action. I highly recommend Mandy as your next content marketing consultant. She will take the time to understand your needs and if you are not sure what you want, she will help you develop your ideas; she’s true idea generator!

Gary Wright, MBA, CSP, Owner of B2B Safety Copywriting

We retained Mandy to write an introductory email for a new marketing campaign. She did excellent work, and finished on time. What I particularly appreciated was the process she went through to understand more about our target market and exactly what we wanted to convey to them with this first piece. We will certainly use Mandy again.

Gordon Van Wechel, Roofing Industry Marketing Consultant

Mandy writes for Wealthy Web Writer on a regular basis. She brings me good ideas that add value to the site, she is a very good writer who is always working to improve and hone her skills, and she’s easy to work with. I’m always happy when an email from Mandy shows up in my inbox because I know it will be something good.

Heather Robson, Editor of The Wealthy Web Writer

Creative, Independent, Effective, Entrepreneurial. Those are the four words I think of when I think of Mandy. I contracted her to help me with my startup incubator SIVI, and again and again, was impressed by her ability to take vague objectives like “I need more students” and turn those into creative ideas, white papers, and published articles. Mandy is able to speak the language of entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing, and translate that into compelling messages for consumers to take action on and benefit from. I highly recommend Mandy for anything that requires understanding what makes customers tick.

Nik Seet, CEO of Storage Forever Ion Vault Company

Your emails are increasing our engagement. You really know your stuff.

Ashok Kamal, Co-Founder of SIVI-Corporation

Your article brought in a lot of phone calls and emails!

Allan Saenz, Los Alamos Network

Loved the auto-responder series!

Debbi Carroll, Biomedical Research Laboratories

I got a lot of compliments on my campaign website. Thanks!

Vincent P. Chiravalle

I enjoyed her enthusiasm and out-of-the-box thinking.

Mary Lutes, Owner of Blue Sky Pilates

Working with Mandy was easy. No muss, no fuss. She understood our intent immediately and took an initial, entirely too technical introduction, and reframed it into the cost benefit question that was ultimately desired. We got the immediate attention of the specific executives, who handle lots of similar items, to characterize our work as a priority.

Bill Sellers, Los Alamos Entrepreneurs Network

After running one ad I have been inundated with clients. I can’t keep up with them! I expected to get two or three calls, but I got sixteen. Months later, I’m still getting calls.

Ted Romero, Running Coach

You rocked that story. Wait until you see it!

Dan Mayfield, Former editor of Albuquerque–the Magazine

The Essence article has brought me clients!  I’ve had 3 phone calls already, which is very exciting.  Thank you, Mandy!

Lisa J. Smole, Owner of Creative Clinical Hypnotherapy

We had an amazing turnout to the first block of the month, and a lot due to your efforts, thanks so much!

Nicole Dunn, Owner of Dunn Quilting

Just wanted to thank so much for the great article on Walt! You really tied together lots of important issues and programs with Walt’s quality leadership. Thank you also for the side bar on Self Help. It all worked together well!

Ellen Morris Bond, Executive Director of Self Help, Inc.

Mandy has been invaluable to me as a business owner in Los Alamos. Many of my customers have told me that they were visiting the gallery because of a very nicely written press release about the gallery, my artists or an upcoming exhibition. It’s a great relief to me to have Mandy “take care of it” for me and to know that she has done a great job! I am reaching more customers because of Mandy’s creativity and her thorough knowledge of local and regional media sources.

Karen Wray, Owner of Karen Wray Fine Art

I’m the Artistic Director of the Los Alamos Concert Association.  Mandy wrote a profile article about me for our local newspaper, the Los Alamos Monitor, and I was astonished by the response.  For several weeks afterward I had people coming up to me on the street, in the grocery store, in restaurants, commenting on what a great article it was.  It was a major boost for the Concert Association and gave us some excellent coverage during a time when the organization was going through a major rebranding effort.

I attend monthly meetings of the Los Alamos Arts Forum, an organization that provides an opportunity for the leaders of all the arts organizations in town to discuss issues of mutual concern.  Mandy attended one of our meetings and presented an idea for a local arts newsletter.  The response has been enthusiastic and the issues distributed to date are attractive, beautifully designed and informative.  Mandy saw a need in the community and acted on it in a creative way.

Ann McLaughlin, Artistic Director of the Los Alamos Concert Association

Mandy is one of our freelance writers for The Essence (a Chamber of Commerce publication). She contributes great story ideas, is professional and efficient in meeting deadlines. Mandy is one of our best writers and receives a lot of positive feedback from the community.

Suzette Fox, Editor of The Essence of Los Alamos

One of the most important needs of community music organizations is a continued public awareness of its activities. In today’s media and communications world, that means a presence both online and in print. Mandy Marksteiner has helped us increase and maintain that presence through well-written publicity in both nation-wide music publications such as the ACB Journal and in local newspapers and other periodicals.

T. Edward Vives, Ph.D., Musical and Artistic Director of the Los Alamos Community Winds

I cannot believe it took me this long to actually open and read your spectacular letter! Those are the type of letters we need for this mentoring program!

Cynthia Myricks, Mentoring Children of Prisoners

Mandy is an outstanding publicist. She is expert at getting a business recognized in both electronic and print format. If you want your business to be recognized and bring in more revenue, then Mandy Marksteiner is for you!

Michelle Stump, Owner of The Harp of the Spirit

Mandy Marksteiner has worked for me on special assignments for the past three years. I have learned to rely on her remarkable skill of listening to an old man’s ramblings and bringing them into focus with a few well-chosen, readable words. She invariably sees the essence of complex ideas and can prune away the brambles. It is a gift! On my desk at this moment are her notes taken weeks ago on our last project, which I still use to navigate the puzzling territory of building a personal website.

Eugene Kovalenko, Ph.D., Creative Deep Listening

I wanted to thank you for the awesome article on your blog sites. We’ve already had some interest, and the article gives a great feel for the group. Thanks again!

Ken Nebel, Owner of Village Arts and leader of the Los Alamos Life Drawing Group

I am just crazy about what you wrote about me.  You REALLY get it and that makes me happy. Art is my way of communicating with people.

Carol Mullen, Artist

Our brief session gave me a very good idea of what it would take to get a blog up and running. Your concise explanation of the set-up process was very clear and practical… It saved me a lot of effort at a very busy time.

Ann Mclaughlin, Artistic Director of the Los Alamos Concert Association

I read your story in the Wednesday Monitor concerning Diamond Drive. Your parenthetical mention, concerning the historical reason for abandoned utility lines – in that our town was originally built as a temporary town – was nuanced, yet explicative. It would have been an easy point to skip, and we wanted to thank you for including it.

Allison Scott Majure, Publicist for the Los Alamos Dept. of Public Utilities

Thank you! The piece you wrote on your blog is well written and it makes me sound good!

Margie Sarrao, Artist