So stupid… it made me sick!

I wouldn’t believe that anyone would be this stupid if I hadn’t seen it for myself.

Kids… and I’m not talking about toddlers here… teenagers… are eating Tide detergent pods for fun.

It didn’t really hit home how pathetic and sad and scary this is until I saw a video of a young teenager on YouTube doing the “Tide Pod Challenge.”

Where is his mother??

On camera, this kid fired up his bong and broke open a tide pod and smoked it. His face turned bright red and he said, “that burns” as the smoke hit his lungs (and brain!) and then the scene ended and flipped to him breaking one open and putting it into his mouth.

I was horrified. Especially since I know my kids love watching videos about various so-called challenges online. How can people get away with posting challenges that involve doing things that could kill you?

I got some smug consolation knowing that I don’t use Tide Pods. I use Melaleuca laundry detergent for this very reason. If eating a Tide pod can kill you, why would you want to wash your clothes with it? The same goes for other cleaning products.

But Melaleuca products are non-toxic. They don’t even require a childproof cap.

You’ve probably heard me talk about how emotions can push you to buy certain products, and you need to understand what those emotions are and know that some of them might seem to come from left field.

This is an example. I started out with fear that my youngest child or my dog might get into the Tide Pods. Then there is the sense of horror that older kids would do it on purpose, and rage that they’re encouraging others to do it, and sadness for these kids (because how is it possible that they have so little respect for themselves?) and finally, disgust that this company is making billions by selling us poison. Yes, those are the reasons that I buy the Melaleuca detergent.

If you want to uncover the emotions that your customers may be going through, you’ve got to dig deep, ask questions, and keep your eyes open.

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