Check out my new LinkedIn profile pic

Last fall, Mary Rose Maguire and I were both listening to Ann Handley’s brilliant talk about content marketing at AWAI’s boot camp.

Ann was explaining the folly of littering your LinkedIn profile with the “constellation of nope” … which is her term for the default cover photo in LinkedIn. When you leave the default photo there you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to tell people about who you are and what you do.

So when Mary Rose offered to make me a new cover photo for my LinkedIn profile, how could I resist?

Not only does Mary Rose know me, and she understands my business, but she also knows the value of having a great cover photo. She was offering me what I needed, just at the time when I needed it.

How about you?


Here is what she came up with.


She scoffed when I told her I write emails…

  grumpy elderly woman with a butterfly necklace and a blazer tucked over her shoulderI was in the Delray Beach Marriott.

I had just wrapped up a solid two-hour networking extravaganza at the famous and insanely valuable Job fair at the end of AWAI’s Bootcamp.

I was in the middle of a gaggle of copywriters waiting for the elevators. We were hyper and jazzed about our careers and the opportunities that were afoot for everyone.

One woman was among us, but not part of the group. She looked like she just came back from the beach and she wanted to know what everyone was so excited about.

She pulled me aside and asked me, “What do you write?”

… and I was still in the groove, marketing myself and trying to stand out as an email copywriter. So I blurted out, “I write emails.”

“Emails??” she scoffed. “I thought you were a real writer… I thought you wrote BOOKS!”

All the other copywriters turned to look and hide their giggles… this lady was really bellowing at me and I could feel my face turning bright red.

I wondered when that damned elevator would show up because this lady was still scowling at me like I was the world’s biggest moron. Emails, indeed!

But, whatever.

I don’t have to impress her.
Because I can tell you for a fact that writing emails is totally awesome.

Just last week I was sending one email a day to my client’s list. We’ve been trying to sell tickets to an yoga retreat in Mexico.

The early bird tickets were $3,500 (and the regular price is $5,000).

Our goal was to sell ten tickets. I’m not a math genius, but I believe doing that would bring in $35,000.

Not bad for a bunch of stinkin’ emails!

The best part is that we sold more than ten. 🙂

I’m just really pleased to get some good results for my clients… and to go to bed knowing that the money that I charge is WELL worth it, because of the ROI that they are getting.

So, did I explain all that to the lady at the elevator?

Of course not!

Not with her giving me the stink eye like that… (Gosh, you’d think she’d be in a better mood after spending the afternoon at the beach!)
Anyway, if you’ve been thinking of using email to increase your sales, give me a call.

I’m really really excited about this!

I’ve already told you about five hundred times that I’m going to AWAI’s 2017 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair.
My plane takes off tomorrow. 🙂  
But there is something else that will take off tomorrow. My newest clients, Chris and John Yax (owners of Hot House Yoga) will be sending their first daily email tomorrow.
They’ll be using those emails to bring people to their “I Love Yoga” Facebook Page and sell things like yoga retreats, video courses, and training for yoga teachers.
I’m just beside myself with excitement. I can’t wait to see the results that they get over the next few months.
I have two more spaces in my schedule for daily emails.
Interested? Give me a call at 505-515-7001.

Talk to you soon!

Let me take your sales letter with me to Bootcamp

If you need a sales letter, now is the best time to have me write it.

Next week I’m going to AWAI’s Fast Track to Copywriting Success Bootcamp. I have been going almost every year since 2010 when I joined the Circle of Success. I’ll also be going to the Titanides Live event.

And that is why you should contact me know about your sales copy. I will be spending the week immersed in copywriting, finding out the biggest trends and learning secrets from the best copywriters on the planet, like Clayton Makepeace, Carline Anglade-Cole, Nick Usborne, John Forde, Steve Slaunwhite, and Richard Armstrong to name a few.

I’m totally excited and ready to learn. But more important, I’m ready to use all this information and write some highly effective sales copy.

If you need something now, call me at 505-515-7001.

Talk to you soon!
P.S. Every year my writing improves by leaps and bounds when I go to Bootcamp. I want your project to be on my desk when it happens.