These emails gave the whole sales team a boost

Early this year I wrote a series of emails for a solar company.The sales manager explained that he is completely confident making the sale once he gets the prospect on the phone.The problem is getting them on the phone.  People are so busy and overwhelmed these days, and nobody likes being sold… even if they ASKED for the demonstration. My client was playing phone tag all day long and it was getting old.
That’s where I come in.

This client hired me to write a series of emails that he could send out to all the new leads that he got through the system.

Rather than have to call and call and call again, he could just send out the emails that I wrote and the prospects started to call him.

Everyone knows that business runs much smoother when people call you, right?

I followed up with him to see how the emails were working, and apparently they are working so well that he’s uploaded them into the system and all the sales reps are using them to get prospects to call them.

If that sounds like something that can help your business, let’s talk.

You can see my email samples here.
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