See How Easy it is To Raise Money on Your Birthday

I spent a week over the summer working with the high school marching band, and it was a fun and fulfilling experience.

The kids were amazing. In a matter of days they memorized a great deal of music, improved their marching and are on a great start for the season.
I wanted to do something nice for them and support them. So I ran a Facebook birthday fundraiser for them.

I want to tell you about this Facebook feature, because it was easier to use than I expected.

You can set up a fundraiser any time. But the birthday fundraisers are more effective because more people look at your profile on your birthday than any other day, and people will donate to your cause to be nice to you.

You find the feature by going to the Home section on your Facebook account and click on Fundraisers on the left column under Explore.
My biggest worry was that it wouldn’t work because the Band Boosters aren’t set up to accept online donations. But it doesn’t matter. The company that runs these fundraisers just sends the money to the organization. All I had to do was search for their Facebook page and it was ready to go.

Once your fundraising page is set up, you can invite your friends and share it on your wall, etc.

One thing that was annoying. And I make this mistake with Facebook all the time. I got a little over ambitious trying to invite my friends. I was using my phone and clickclickclicking until I thought my thumbs would fall off. Then when I was done I got a message that said that I invited too many people and had to start over. So don’t do that!

If you’re in an organization that needs to raise money, I recommend trying this.

If you need more hands on fundraising help from me, make an appointment by emailing me at Click here to see samples of my fundraising letters.

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