I’m really really excited about this!

I’ve already told you about five hundred times that I’m going to AWAI’s 2017 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair.
My plane takes off tomorrow. 🙂  
But there is something else that will take off tomorrow. My newest clients, Chris and John Yax (owners of Hot House Yoga) will be sending their first daily email tomorrow.
They’ll be using those emails to bring people to their “I Love Yoga” Facebook Page and sell things like yoga retreats, video courses, and training for yoga teachers.
I’m just beside myself with excitement. I can’t wait to see the results that they get over the next few months.
I have two more spaces in my schedule for daily emails.
Interested? Give me a call at 505-515-7001.

Talk to you soon!

Stuffed mushrooms over the campfire

Over the weekend my husband and son went camping with the Boy Scouts.

fruit and cheese spread with wine next to a campfire
The scouts were eating gourmet campfire food!

While the boys were out doing god-knows-what in the woods, the parents were pitted against each other in a cooking contest.

The leaders bought an assortment of ingredients. The parents were split into two groups, each team got to take turns choosing ingredients. Then they had one hour to turn those ingredients into a culinary masterpiece.

Several “secret judges” would try the dishes and decide which team made the best meal.

We live in a pretty cosmopolitan community, which means that a lot of the parents hailed from different countries, which means there were some strong opinions about how to slice the onions.

Quinn was on a team with an Italian mom serving as the brains behind the operation. There was also a mom from a country in South America (sorry, I’m not trying to be vague… he couldn’t remember where she was from) offering lots of ideas.

Quinn’s team ended up with roasted vegetables, pasta with a creamy cheese sauce and chicken. Very tasty. The other team busted out with stuffed mushrooms, and a few other impossibly hoi polloi things.

Quinn’s team was getting nervous. How do you compete with stuffed mushrooms?? But there was one small detail that tipped the contest in their favor.

The “secret judges” turned out to be the scouts. (They were so busy with the cooking competition that they forgot all about their picky, carb-guzzling sons). The contest was being judged by eight 12-year-old boys.

And they were like “Stuffed mushrooms, YUCK!”


It always helps to know who your audience is before you get to work.

It’s true when you’re cooking a simple meal, and it’s true when you’re putting out marketing materials about your business.

I want to help you get to know your current customers so that you can do a better job reaching out to new customers.

I will interview three of your best customers, and write a case study that you can use on your website, in your emails, and in your sales letters.

I’ll also give you some suggestions on how to leverage these case studies and get the most mileage from them.

The cost of the three case studies is $395. To get this limited time deal, send an email with the subject line “Three case studies” to em[email protected] before midnight on Friday, October 6th.

This offer is first come, first served.

Talk to you soon!

P.S. Why do case studies work so well? … It’s just human nature.

You may have excellent and persuasive sales copy. But when someone is considering buying something, they want to know how much other people liked it.



Let me take your sales letter with me to Bootcamp

If you need a sales letter, now is the best time to have me write it.

Next week I’m going to AWAI’s Fast Track to Copywriting Success Bootcamp. I have been going almost every year since 2010 when I joined the Circle of Success. I’ll also be going to the Titanides Live event.

And that is why you should contact me know about your sales copy. I will be spending the week immersed in copywriting, finding out the biggest trends and learning secrets from the best copywriters on the planet, like Clayton Makepeace, Carline Anglade-Cole, Nick Usborne, John Forde, Steve Slaunwhite, and Richard Armstrong to name a few.

I’m totally excited and ready to learn. But more important, I’m ready to use all this information and write some highly effective sales copy.

If you need something now, call me at 505-515-7001.

Talk to you soon!
P.S. Every year my writing improves by leaps and bounds when I go to Bootcamp. I want your project to be on my desk when it happens.

I can drink to that!

Last night I attended a wine dinner at the Pig + Fig Café, featuring the sublime wines from Hourglass.

The wine and the food went so well together. Perfect pairings!

And while I was there I noticed something that The Pig + Fig and Hourglass have in common. They have all the business they need because they have great mailing lists.

Michael Cooperman told the story about how Hourglass got their start.

They were about to release the Cabernet for the first time, the sommelier from Tra Vigne, David Stevens, asked Smith for a taste. He was completely floored by the quality and asked them to join a tasting with famous wines like Screaming Eagle, Bryant Family Wines, and Harlan Estate Wines.

At the tasting, Stevens told the judges that they added a wine from a little upstart winery called Hourglass. He asked that they just give the wines a ranking in order of preference. In a situation where they were competing against the best of the best, the wine that nobody had ever heard of was able to hold it’s own.

The next day their mailing list was filled with names, and they have been able to quickly sell their wines to their subscribers ever since. The people on the list want to buy those wines.

And as many of you know, the Pig + Fig Café also has a great mailing list. Whenever they have a wine dinner or special event, they easily fill the seats because the people on the list want to get reservations for the special events.

That is why I love email marketing so much. It makes it possible for businesses to stay in touch with people who are interested in a cost-effective manner so you don’t have to struggle to make sales.

If you need help writing emails that sell, give me a call at 505-515-7001. Or contact me at [email protected].

Take care!