Time to Dig

On New Year’s Eve we dumped on with nearly two feet of snow.

My burrowing and tunneling instincts kicked in first thing in the morning as I went about locating my van under a lump of white, digging it out and creating a path to the road.

The roads were a different story, but at least I wasn’t stuck in my driveway any more. 

Because I have to say, I HATE being stuck at home. Especially because of the weather. 

Usually when it snows, I have an irresistible compulsion to go to the store and get something, or go to a coffee house and spend time away drinking coffee and writing. 

I’ll finish my errand, dig out my car again, and go back home. 

I don’t like it when my business is stuck either. If things get slow and quiet there is always a path to be dug, a person that you can talk to, and a new way to contact people who are interested in your product. 

That’s what drives me in what I do. There is always a path forward to meet new customers.

Sometimes you have to tromp through the snow to make the path.

If you want to get moving with one aspect of your business, reach out and I can help you.

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I Don’t Have the Confidence to Sell THOSE

Have you ever had one of those friends who always has a crazy story to tell about their past? 

I do.

One of my girlfriends, a natural-born saleswoman, was telling me all about how she used to sell used underwear back in the day. 

I would love to see the website that she used to make this happen… just from sheer curiosity. 

I mean, how did she pull that off? And how does she have the personal self-confidence to sell her dirty laundry?

I had to ask. “How much did you charge?”

“It’s me,” she shot back. “$100 a pop. And this was six or seven years ago, so with inflation today it would cost you $150 or $200.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the power of perceived value. 

I’m going to let the underwear go for a minute because I don’t want to wrack my brain over what my friend says or does to make her underwear worth $100. 

I’m more interested in what you can do to raise the perceived value of your product. 

If your customers are haggling, or balking at your price you might be making a common mistake that makes your product look like a commodity.

Why pay more?

Luckily, as long as your product stands out in a way that matters to your customers, it’s easy to ask for more money. I can help. 

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I Already Have 100 Experience Points!

My husband has been waking up early every day to sneak downstairs and learn Python before the rest of us wake up.

Up until this morning I think he has been exploring free resources. But today he came across a Python course from DataCamp and started to peruse the sales page. 

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that he usually thinks he’s too smart to fall for any type of marketing ploy. 

Ever since I started to learn about copywriting, whenever I tell him about an emotionally based persuasion secret he scoffs as if he’s above all that. 

He has a Ph.D. for crying out loud!

But every once in awhile something will grab him. He will be swayed by anything that promises safety, he is always looking for ways to develop our minds and talents, and he can taste cheapness in food as if it’s a unique flavor. 

But this morning DataCamp reached him at his emotional core. As he read the sales letter (… btw, that course is not cheap!) he exclaimed, “They have experience points!”

DataCamp knows their customers so well that they incorporated their love of Dungeons and Dragons into the course. So you don’t get grades, or go up a level, or even accumulate credits. You get experience points, just like in D&D.

Not only does it make him want to buy it, but it makes him look forward to using it.

Chances are, your customers have quirky tastes and obsessions that can be triggered, tapped into, exploited, and taken advantage of. 

This is how you attract and keep their attention long enough to make the sale. 

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It Was Only Our Second Date!

A friend of mine recently got a divorce and is now starting to go out on dates. 

His mindset is in the right place – he’s looking for his “ten” but in the meantime he’s going to have a great time enjoying entertaining activities with a variety of women. 

In other words, he’s not even remotely ready to be exclusive with anyone. 
And that’s why he was shocked when two separate women said they didn’t want to date him if he was going out with other people. 

I mean, the first woman who said that was someone he met on Match.com. So it’s like, duh, we’re both on a dating site so it should be obvious that we’re both dating other people. But still she said it would be a deal breaker if he went out with other people. 

So, the deal was broken.

Next, he was going out with someone he met at a bar. They hit it off the first time they hung out, but then she said the same thing, that she would only go out with him if they were exclusive.

Again, he said “No thanks” and went on with his business.

I’m not trying to give relationship advice here, except to say that it takes more than two dates to make a decision about another person. And it often takes more than two sales pitches to make a decision about a product.

It’s especially true if the product is expensive, complicated or new. 
Whatever you may be selling, it’s good to assume that your customer is playing the field. Don’t ask them to marry you on the first or second date. At the beginning you need to take your time, let the customer get to know you, and give them a reason to keep in touch.

Some sales take longer than others, just like some relationships take longer to take off. 

Is your marketing plan designed to weather the ups and downs of a long-term relationship? 

If you need a few more pieces to help your customer get to know you a little better, I can help. 

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Feature Stories About The Newest Member of the Team

When you’re creating content for your website, interviewing the newest member of the team is a good place to start. 


First of all, they’re new. Which automatically makes them interesting. 
When you write a post about the new person, they feel special and welcome. 

People in the company want to get to know them.

When you highlight the skills and achievements of the new person, it makes them look good and it makes the whole company look good because it shows that you are a company that values it’s people. 

Employee features are one of my favorite types of stories to write. Here is an article that I wrote last week about the newest artist at the Karen Wray Gallery.

If you need a fresh blog post or article about a new employee (or something else) click here to make an appointment. 

It feels so Zen in here!

I spent time this afternoon getting rid of all the clutter on the shelf in my dining room.

Now, the shelf is nearly bare, has no haphazard stacks of books, no toys, no papers, and no piles of loose change.

It’s completely nonfunctional. Purely decorative.

For some reason that makes me feel good about myself. Like I’ve made it.

The shelf makes me feel calm, in control, and successful. The feeling of overwhelm is at bay… for now.

You gotta love the little things that you can do to feel successful. But no matter how good the shelf makes me feel, it will make very little impact on my business or yours.

So I’m also doing something that will help us both move forward in a calm and methodical way.

I’d like to help you get a strong start in 2019 with a free 8-Step Strategic Communications Plan consultation.

When you create an 8-Step Strategic Communications Plan, you start with a specific problem or opportunity that your business is facing and develop your communications plan around that. Since you are planning the communications tactics strategically, you know they will move you closer to your goals and you won’t waste resources on things that don’t work.

Click here to sign up for the free 15-minute consultation where I walk you through the 8 Steps so that you can create the plan for yourself.

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Another Nerdy Facebook Debate

There is one thing in this world that I can count on.

I know that if I post anything even remotely science related on Facebook, my friends will jump in and engage in a nerdy debate.

Case in point. The other night I was bartending at the American Legion in Los Alamos, NM. 

Sally and Conehead Jim had just finished another Scrabble death match (talk about nerdy debates!) and I was cleaning up. That’s when I noticed this napkin…

It says, “Not to get too technical, but according to chemistry alcohol is a solution.”


I put a photo of the napkin on Facebook, and almost immediately one of my friends said, “Actually, alcohol is a solvent.” 

And the arguing took off from there. 

It’s always good natured and entertaining to see it unfold. And it makes me proud of my geeky scientific circle of friends. 

In the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about the direction that I want to steer my copywriting business in 2019. 

And with the help of Ed Gandia, one of my B2B copywriting mentors, I’ve been working on my positioning. 

I know I’m not a scientist, but I spend most of my time hanging out with scientists and talking about experiments and technical ideas and theories. It only makes sense to focus more of my energy working for technical and scientific companies. 

If you are looking for a copywriter, click here to make an appointment.

$91,222.42 from a list of 200

I just wanted to take a moment to share some of the results I helped bring in for United Way of Northern New Mexico

I wrote a fundraising letter (signed by a board member) that went to their list of 200 previous donors. We included a colorful two-sided newsletter written by the executive director and also enclosed two return envelopes to encourage donors to pass one envelope to a friend. 

In the following two weeks it brought in $91,222.42. That’s an average donation of $456.11. But I think it is more of a matter of there being several big donors who really believe in what the United Way does for the community. 

In addition, we just updated the new website. I got an email from the finance officer that said, “Good news! The website has collected $1,446.00 to date.” 

Click here to check out the website.   

I’m happy to play a role in their fundraising efforts and look forward to finding more ways for them to reach their goals. 

If you need a fundraising letter, I can help. Just write to me at email@mandymarksteiner.com and we can get you on the schedule. 

Because I’m too Young for the Senior Discount

Just when I thought I would never catch a break and be able to collect random discounts for no reason… I got this baby in the mail.

My student ID from Penn State!

They sent it to me with a big reminder to use it to get student discounts wherever I go. Don’t mind if I do. 

Finally getting in on student discounts after being out of school is awesome. But do you know what else is awesome?

This new class I’m taking, which is helping me develop a bigger perspective on how I can help my clients.

In Comm 850, we’re learning all about creating an 8-Step Communications Planning Matrix. 

If you’re wondering what that is and how it can help you, then we should talk. 

Get on my schedule for a free 15 minute mini-coaching sessions. I can briefly explain how you can use this powerful tool to completely change the way you approach your marketing. 

If you want my help, we can move forward from there. If not, I plan to give you information in the mini-coaching session that you can use to do it yourself. 

To schedule your mini-coaching session, send an email with the subject line “mini-matrix-coaching session” to email@mandymarksteiner.com. 

Here is an Article I Wrote for an Upcoming Art Show

Tonight, one of my clients is hosting a reception to kick off an art exhibit in her gallery. 

These events are good for her business, because it gives people a reason to come in and mingle, look at the art, and buy. 
Here is the article

If you have an event coming up, or want to write a special feature story about someone on your time, give me a call at 505-515-7001.