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My fabulous younger self

Meanwhile, on Facebook: Everyone’s posting their first profile picture next to their most recent. Here’s my first profile picture, taken while I was sliding down a gorge in upstate New York with my dog, Snickers. Back then I was living in Manhattan, on the Columbia University campus because my husband was getting his Ph.D. in […]

Why it’s OK to repeat yourself

People are forgetful.  And when I say “people” I’m mainly talking about myself and my children… you might know some people like that too. This morning I was getting them ready for school. I had the lunches lined up on the table and was making a big pile of snow clothes while the middle one […]

Time to Dig

On New Year’s Eve we dumped on with nearly two feet of snow. My burrowing and tunneling instincts kicked in first thing in the morning as I went about locating my van under a lump of white, digging it out and creating a path to the road. The roads were a different story, but at […]

I Don’t Have the Confidence to Sell THOSE

Have you ever had one of those friends who always has a crazy story to tell about their past?  I do. One of my girlfriends, a natural-born saleswoman, was telling me all about how she used to sell used underwear back in the day.  I would love to see the website that she used to […]

I Already Have 100 Experience Points!

My husband has been waking up early every day to sneak downstairs and learn Python before the rest of us wake up. Up until this morning I think he has been exploring free resources. But today he came across a Python course from DataCamp and started to peruse the sales page.  At this point, it’s […]

It Was Only Our Second Date!

A friend of mine recently got a divorce and is now starting to go out on dates.  His mindset is in the right place – he’s looking for his “ten” but in the meantime he’s going to have a great time enjoying entertaining activities with a variety of women.  In other words, he’s not even […]

Feature Stories About The Newest Member of the Team

When you’re creating content for your website, interviewing the newest member of the team is a good place to start.  Why? First of all, they’re new. Which automatically makes them interesting. When you write a post about the new person, they feel special and welcome.  People in the company want to get to know them. When […]

It feels so Zen in here!

I spent time this afternoon getting rid of all the clutter on the shelf in my dining room. Now, the shelf is nearly bare, has no haphazard stacks of books, no toys, no papers, and no piles of loose change. It’s completely nonfunctional. Purely decorative. For some reason that makes me feel good about myself. […]

How to build a high-performing landing page

Monster Mice with special guest Craig Rhode In this episode Craig Rhode pulls back the curtain on how he creates high performing landing pages. How landing pages are different than your main website, and how to use them to sell more of your products. How to get the best ROI with your Facebook ads (most business […]

Another Nerdy Facebook Debate

There is one thing in this world that I can count on. I know that if I post anything even remotely science related on Facebook, my friends will jump in and engage in a nerdy debate. Case in point. The other night I was bartending at the American Legion in Los Alamos, NM.  Sally and […]