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Bring people in the door with a great giveaway

By Mandy Marksteiner Last weekend I attended Los Alamos’ Chamberfest where all kinds of businesses had booths and were offering information and giving away promotional items. Some of the giveaways were very eye-catching: Los Alamos National Bank had an enormous pile of sand delivered to downtown so that little kids could dig in it. They […]

The Success Cycle – Achieving What You Want in Life

At 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 6th, Michelle Harkey, owner of Mullein Leaf Massage, will give a Ruby K’s Community Hour presentation on how to put yourself into a peak state so that your life is on the path of an upward spiral. You may be wondering, what is an “upward spiral?” “Many philosophers have […]

How to Turn Your Customers into Raving Fans and Ideal Customers

Last month I attended a No BS Marketing Power Circle meeting with J. Wayne Story, owner of Direct Marketing RX, in Albuquerque. The meeting was valuable because he laid out effective customer acquisition strategies and also provided an illustration of a better way to think about advertising. Most small business waste a lot of money trying […]

Waste Not, Want Not – Never Run Out of Writing Ideas

My next-door neighbor got chickens over the summer and I occasionally feed them. Feeding chickens has completely changed the way I clear the table. I’m amazed at all the things they will eat. I’ve noticed they pick cantaloupe rinds clean, fight over wrinkly grapes, and eat the seedy cores of peppers. The food we toss […]