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Three crucial sales lessons I learned while buying stuff

2015 is more than halfway over, and I realize that my New Year’s Resolution is WAY too hard. And no, I didn’t resolve to lose weight (good thing, because I haven’t). And I didn’t resolve to quit smoking (I quit years and years ago). This year I resolved to SELL SOMETHING every day. The resolution […]

Content Marketing Consultation

Gordon Mitchell specializes in setting up reverse mortgages for people who are 62 or older. His company, New Mexico Reverse Mortgage, was in the process of starting a content marketing campaign that would attract qualified customers. Gordon and his partner wrote an e-book called, “10 Strategies to Increase Your Retirement Cash Flow.” Gordon came to […]

My new best friend

My mom had a talent for making friends. Growing up I was convinced that she knew every human being in the Twin Cities area, because she seemed to be on a first name basis with every adult we encountered in public. Eventually I discovered that it wasn’t that she knew everyone, but rather she was […]

Scientists–Are you making this common writing mistake?

Scientists who can express their ideas clearly publish more papers, receive more recognition and get more funding. Unfortunately, many scientists hinder their own progress by failing to write effectively. Redundant sentences are a common flaw that can be easily removed. Go through your draft, sentence by sentence, and look for unnecessary repetitions of meaning. Redundant phrases […]

Valuable copywriting lesson from a basketball coach

Last week I took my 6-year-old son to basketball camp. The coach stood in front of the kindergarten and first graders to demonstrate the crouching, hand waving position posture basketball players use to play defense. Then he paused to clearly explain to that when you play defense, you stand between the ball and the net. […]

Do you make this unforgivable mistake with your customers?

Last weekend I walked into a consignment shop with my son, and noticed a display of musical instruments. I am the type of person who routinely splurges on musical instruments: My husband and I met at a music conservatory, we spend at least at thousand dollars a year on music lessons for our kids, my […]

Little things make a big difference

I became a copywriter after reading a book by Bob Bly nearly ten years ago. Today I still follow his advice whenever possible. So when I redesigned my website over the summer I recalled something he wrote about his own website. He mentioned that he generated leads through his website by placing an eye catching […]