I’m passionate about using my writing talent to build businesses like yours

I’ll never forget the excitement that I felt moving to New York City after graduating from Lawrence University with a degree in English and Music.

During my five years in New York I began my career in communications by zipping around Manhattan to do editing jobs for legal, financial and publishing firms. I helped authors get published while working as an intern at a literary agency. And I helped new writers spark their creativity by teaching private writing workshops at a church in the Upper West Side.

While I loved having a life filled with creativity and grammatical correctness, I was looking for a way to build a business with my writing that could benefit others. That’s why I was so excited to learn about American Writers and Artists.

I love copywriting because it allows me to make a difference by helping others succeed in business

Learning about copywriting as a career changed my life. I look forward to meeting new clients and finding out how they want to grow their business and making it happen through the written word.

AWAI has played a big role in starting my career. When I first heard about them around 2006, I was excited about writing sales letters and using persuasive writing as a means to reach almost any goal imaginable. The possibilities are endless. It’s like having a superpower.

In 2008 I officially started my business and was thrilled when my clients saw results: An article about an artist turned into an opportunity to have a exhibition in a gallery, a press release about a financial planner’s seminar resulted in a stream of new business, a real estate company that started using email marketing was able to leverage their connection with prospects to gain more business, a health supplement company was able to use the e-book that I wrote to generate leads for several years, a solar company was able to secure more appointments using an email series.

I’ve continued to hone my copywriting skills through the training offered by AWAI. Most notably, I’ve become a member in their Circle of Success program which makes it possible to access classes in every type of marketing writing imaginable. I have taken the Sales Letter Mastery and Certification course, attended their annual Bootcamp to find out the best practices and upcoming trends and make connections in the industry, and attended the B2B Copywriting Intensive Workshop.

As I work with clients I realize that there is always more to learn about copywriting and marketing. That’s why I am earning my Master’s degree in strategic communications from Penn State University.

Writing for scientific and technical audiences

I opened my copywriting business 13 years ago when I moved to Los Alamos, NM. As a person with a background in the arts, moving to a community that revolves around science and the Los Alamos National Lab was an eye-opening experience.

In my everyday life I am surrounded by scientists and inventors and I have gotten to know them personally and professionally, and understand how they think and what they care about. This helps me write effective marketing copy for a highly educated audience.

When scientists and inventors get together to discuss experiments and inventions, the conversation can get technical. I have a reputation for being able to “speak geek”, but more importantly, I have a talent for helping scientists express their ideas in layman’s terms so customers understand and are willing to buy.

Over the years I have been involved with the startup community in Los Alamos, teaching workshops about marketing in entrepreneurial classes, at the chamber of commerce, in business groups and in co-working spaces.

I’ve helped over a dozen startup founders gain attention with clear and compelling stories, raise initial funding, craft compelling pitches and develop sales pieces. My clients appreciate my ability to simplify their ideas while persuading others to invest and buy.

As a freelance copywriter and content marketing strategist, I bring a nonstop stream of ideas for how to use content to build your brand and boost your bottom line.

Informative, persuasive, and effective copywriting doesn’t just happen. It takes talent, knowledge, and years of honed skill to understand and apply. I help you communicate your business’ message to your customers, and persuade them to take notice. With my background in the arts, I successfully meld creativity with classic copywriting principles to yield proven results with the marketing campaigns I craft myself.

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