Getting Paid to Watch Ads

“Why didn’t I think of that?”


That’s what was going through my head the first time that I heard about AdWallet, a new company in Albuquerque that lets you get paid to watch ads. 

As marketers, we spend so much time trying to get people’s attention, find the people who actually are interested in the product and get them to actually remember what they heard.  

AdWallet has taken these inconvenient truths and made them part of the process. Rather than obstacles, they are part of the business plan. 

Business owners buy ads with AdWallet, and those ads are shown to the community of AdWallet users who have filled out a questionnaire about their interests and lifestyle. When the users see the ads, they fill out a quiz. When they answer the questions correctly they get paid fifty cents per ad. 
The ad viewers have an incentive to watch the ads and the people buying ads are more likely to reach their real customers. It’s taking off in New Mexico, and they are getting ready to roll it out in other parts of the country too. 

Check it out here
And let me know what you think of it. 

Valerie Martinez, the sales director for AdWallet, says that she has an introductory offer for new advertisers. 

With a committed spend of $3,000 (credits are good for 24 months), the advertiser will get all 3,000 credits to use on AdWallet and AdWallet will produce a commercial on us for the client (Animated or Live Action).

You can reach Valerie at 505-974-1996.