Start here!

My son just had a birthday. He’s been talking about playing D&D with his friends, and wants to be the dungeon master. 

I’ve played my fair share of D&D, but I was never a dungeon master so I wouldn’t be the best person to explain to my 11 year old how best to kill off all of his friends with a well-placed lightning bolt.

So when I saw the D&D Starter Set at Target, it was a done deal. The tagline on the front of the book said, “The best way to get started playing the world’s best roleplaying game.”

Here. Take my money.

The biggest reason that the D&D Starter Set got included in the birthday loot pile is that I was happy to have clear instructions. It was like they had a big red arrow that said “start here.”

I’ve noticed that the most effective websites have their own version of a “start here” red arrow. Rather than let customers get lost in everything you have to offer, you draw visitors’ attention to the best place to start.

For example, a lot of clothing sites have quizzes that let people figure out their bra size or their preferred clothing style. From there, they collect an email address and send the results…. and the real selling begins in your inbox.

Some people might object to moving the sale away from Facebook or away from the website and into a series of emails… but it’s the only way. 

Most people respond to your online ad during moments when they are reading something else and distracted. They might look at what you have, feel interested, but still not pull out the credit card to buy. 

If you don’t currently have a way to bring website visitors into your email list, I can help by creating a lead magnet and a series of autoresponder emails. 

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