Setting the record straight

What do you do when someone publicly says something bad or wrong about your business?

A lot of people might get upset or mad. 

But Dr. Cliff Han (who is the inventor of AllerPops and one of my clients) didn’t get too worried when a doctor made what could have been a damaging claim about his product on the news. 

Instead, he viewed the incident as an opportunity to tell the story about his business again.

Here’s what happened. On November 15th, his company was featured on KOAT Action 7 News. (“Los Alamos Scientist Creates Lollipop For Allergy Relief.”) The news reporter did an outstanding job of explaining what the product is and what it does. But towards the end of the segment they interviewed a doctor who made a connection between the product and heart disease!

You see, AllerPops are prebiotic lollipops that restore healthy bacteria to your mouth. When people brush their tongue a lot, they kill off those beneficial bacteria that work to keep allergy symptoms at bay. The doctor said that poor oral hygiene can lead to heart disease… which made Dr. Han say, “Wait a minute, that’s not right.”

People who don’t take care of their teeth and never floss are at a higher risk for heart disease. But tongue brushing has nothing to do with it, and when you kill off all the bacteria on the tongue you leave a clean slate for more bad bacteria to grow.

Together we wrote a letter to the editor that clarified the issue, and gave him another chance to talk about his product. 

If you need help telling the ongoing story of your business, let’s talk. Sign up for a 30 minute meeting here

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