What to do when something’s not working…

The other day I was at a Networking group when I noticed that something wasn’t working on my website.
It was the lead magnet, the little book on the side that people can download and when they do they join my newsletter (yes, this one). 

It’s pretty important. So important that I don’t even want to send people to my website if it’s not there.
Because if it’s not there they will visit my site if they don’t start working with me right away, I won’t be able to follow up. (I fixed it right away when I got home… I just had to make a payment to LeadPages.)

I’m willing to bet there are people who visit your website who aren’t ready to make a decision right off the bat. 

Do you have a lead magnet of some kind? (Sometimes it’s called a bait piece.) 
It’s a piece of content that gets people interested in what you do, but doesn’t give away the store, and people who want that information are very likely to also want your products or services. 

I have two samples of lead magnets that I’ve made for clients here.   If you need a lead magnet, send me a note at [email protected].