My fabulous younger self

Meanwhile, on Facebook:

Everyone’s posting their first profile picture next to their most recent. Here’s my first profile picture, taken while I was sliding down a gorge in upstate New York with my dog, Snickers.

Back then I was living in Manhattan, on the Columbia University campus because my husband was getting his Ph.D. in plasma physics at the time. I was working at a few different jobs: as a freelance proofreader at banks, law firms and publishing houses; as an intern at a literary agency; and occasionally as a floating receptionist at Ogilvy and Mather.

Back then my big goal was to be a writer (still is!) and I took classes at the Gotham Writer’s workshop and even after the novel writing class was over I kept getting together with my classmates to share our writing, and I led writing groups and tutored kids at the church we attended (the Church of the Ascension).

Back then, I was starting to learn about copywriting and taking classes through the American Writers and Artists, but didn’t officially open my business until I moved to New Mexico in 2008.

(What ever happened to that red swimsuit???)

It’s fun to look back and see how much has changed, and how many things are the same. 

Where were YOU twelve years ago?

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