I Don’t Have the Confidence to Sell THOSE

Have you ever had one of those friends who always has a crazy story to tell about their past? 

I do.

One of my girlfriends, a natural-born saleswoman, was telling me all about how she used to sell used underwear back in the day. 

I would love to see the website that she used to make this happen… just from sheer curiosity. 

I mean, how did she pull that off? And how does she have the personal self-confidence to sell her dirty laundry?

I had to ask. “How much did you charge?”

“It’s me,” she shot back. “$100 a pop. And this was six or seven years ago, so with inflation today it would cost you $150 or $200.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the power of perceived value. 

I’m going to let the underwear go for a minute because I don’t want to wrack my brain over what my friend says or does to make her underwear worth $100. 

I’m more interested in what you can do to raise the perceived value of your product. 

If your customers are haggling, or balking at your price you might be making a common mistake that makes your product look like a commodity.

Why pay more?

Luckily, as long as your product stands out in a way that matters to your customers, it’s easy to ask for more money. I can help. 

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