I Already Have 100 Experience Points!

My husband has been waking up early every day to sneak downstairs and learn Python before the rest of us wake up.

Up until this morning I think he has been exploring free resources. But today he came across a Python course from DataCamp and started to peruse the sales page. 

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that he usually thinks he’s too smart to fall for any type of marketing ploy. 

Ever since I started to learn about copywriting, whenever I tell him about an emotionally based persuasion secret he scoffs as if he’s above all that. 

He has a Ph.D. for crying out loud!

But every once in awhile something will grab him. He will be swayed by anything that promises safety, he is always looking for ways to develop our minds and talents, and he can taste cheapness in food as if it’s a unique flavor. 

But this morning DataCamp reached him at his emotional core. As he read the sales letter (… btw, that course is not cheap!) he exclaimed, “They have experience points!”

DataCamp knows their customers so well that they incorporated their love of Dungeons and Dragons into the course. So you don’t get grades, or go up a level, or even accumulate credits. You get experience points, just like in D&D.

Not only does it make him want to buy it, but it makes him look forward to using it.

Chances are, your customers have quirky tastes and obsessions that can be triggered, tapped into, exploited, and taken advantage of. 

This is how you attract and keep their attention long enough to make the sale. 

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