It Was Only Our Second Date!

A friend of mine recently got a divorce and is now starting to go out on dates. 

His mindset is in the right place – he’s looking for his “ten” but in the meantime he’s going to have a great time enjoying entertaining activities with a variety of women. 

In other words, he’s not even remotely ready to be exclusive with anyone. 
And that’s why he was shocked when two separate women said they didn’t want to date him if he was going out with other people. 

I mean, the first woman who said that was someone he met on So it’s like, duh, we’re both on a dating site so it should be obvious that we’re both dating other people. But still she said it would be a deal breaker if he went out with other people. 

So, the deal was broken.

Next, he was going out with someone he met at a bar. They hit it off the first time they hung out, but then she said the same thing, that she would only go out with him if they were exclusive.

Again, he said “No thanks” and went on with his business.

I’m not trying to give relationship advice here, except to say that it takes more than two dates to make a decision about another person. And it often takes more than two sales pitches to make a decision about a product.

It’s especially true if the product is expensive, complicated or new. 
Whatever you may be selling, it’s good to assume that your customer is playing the field. Don’t ask them to marry you on the first or second date. At the beginning you need to take your time, let the customer get to know you, and give them a reason to keep in touch.

Some sales take longer than others, just like some relationships take longer to take off. 

Is your marketing plan designed to weather the ups and downs of a long-term relationship? 

If you need a few more pieces to help your customer get to know you a little better, I can help. 

Click here to sign up for a free 30-minute new client interview. There’s no commitment and I promise not to get all clingy. 

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