Because I’m too Young for the Senior Discount

Just when I thought I would never catch a break and be able to collect random discounts for no reason… I got this baby in the mail.

My student ID from Penn State!

They sent it to me with a big reminder to use it to get student discounts wherever I go. Don’t mind if I do. 

Finally getting in on student discounts after being out of school is awesome. But do you know what else is awesome?

This new class I’m taking, which is helping me develop a bigger perspective on how I can help my clients.

In Comm 850, we’re learning all about creating an 8-Step Communications Planning Matrix. 

If you’re wondering what that is and how it can help you, then we should talk. 

Get on my schedule for a free 15 minute mini-coaching sessions. I can briefly explain how you can use this powerful tool to completely change the way you approach your marketing. 

If you want my help, we can move forward from there. If not, I plan to give you information in the mini-coaching session that you can use to do it yourself. 

To schedule your mini-coaching session, send an email with the subject line “mini-matrix-coaching session” to 

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