Can you tell these are fake?

Call me old fashioned, but I’ve always thought that they were full and lush enough already. I’ve certainly never considered having them enhanced in any way.

Never thought I needed it.

But when I was getting ready to have my pictures taken, the photographer felt that something needed to be done to make the picture really pop.So I let her plump me up a little bit.

Is it obvious?

I’ve never had fake eyelashes before.

…. (I’m over here laughing at my own joke)
I’m getting ready to record some new podcasts, publish some new blog posts and try to give you what you really want.

So, I thought I’d ask first. What do you want from me?

Are you looking for…

____ Offers and (possibly) discounts on copywriting services?

____ Expert advice on marketing trends?

____ Ideas on how to do your own content marketing campaigns?

____ Something completely different?

Your feedback is appreciated!

Just send me a note at to let me know what you’re looking for.
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