You mean I can get PAID to watch ads?

Do you ever skip ads?
Everyone does.
Adam Greenhood created AdWallet… and he will pay you to watch ads.

Everyone does.

As soon as the “Skip Ad” button appears on the screen your eyes are glued to it so you can pounce with your ad-skipping fingers the moment YouTube will let you.

Most advertising people will use that fact of life and immediately lecture you on the importance of grabbing your viewer/reader’s attention within the first five seconds (how rude!) and then charge a ridiculous amount of money to create that attention-grabbing ad.

Adam Greenhood walked away from his job as an advertising executive because he was tired of charging so much money to create ads that people ignore.

His Eureka moment came when he was staring at that Skip Ad button.

Instead of trying to get people to pay attention, why don’t we just pay people for their attention?

That’s how AdWallet got started.

AdWallet is an ad platform where you can create an ad and send it to users who have agreed to watch the ad.

Unlike most other ad platforms, you know that for every dollar you spend, one person will carefully watch your ad.

That’s because your ad will be sent to a highly targeted audience. (The users have filled out a detailed profile).

They get a notification when they have an ad to watch. They watch it and have to answer a question afterward. That way you know that they paid attention.

When they answer the question correctly, they get fifty cents and AdWallet gets fifty cents.

Plus, after they earn their $.50, they can get an additional $.25 by accepting an offer.

So you can show them an ad and then send them a coupon to come to your place of business. If they accept the offer, they will show up at your place of business with your offer right there on their phone.

When that happens you’ll know for sure that the ad worked.
I encourage you to give it a try. (Tell me how it goes, I’m really curious).
And if you need help creating a video or an offer, I can do that for you.