Use social media to be agile.

I first saw Mandy’s work for other people on social media. We were open to changing over to someone new, and we’re happy we changed over to Mandy. It’s gone from general writing and social media management to helping us curate our personality in the community.

The most successful thing Mandy’s done was during our recent remodel. People were confused, thinking the fire marshal shut down one of our locations. Business dropped off. Mandy wrote a press release, got it posted in the Monitor, and cross-posted it on social media.

This was late Thursday night. Friday was our most successful day in two weeks. Our business doubled compared to what it had been over the last two weeks. That’s what she does.Mandy’s also helping us keep our wine events successful. They’re continuously selling out.

Hands down, I’m happy we hired her. She knows our style. She understands it’s all business, it’s nothing personal. If Food Network approached us, I’d feel comfortable approaching Mandy about that. Our role in the community is always changing. You never know what’s going to come. We feel like she’ll be able to rise up to the challenge of that.

— Laura Crucet, Pig + Fig Cafe

Hands down, I’m happy we hired her.

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