Stuffed mushrooms over the campfire

Over the weekend my husband and son went camping with the Boy Scouts.

fruit and cheese spread with wine next to a campfire
The scouts were eating gourmet campfire food!

While the boys were out doing god-knows-what in the woods, the parents were pitted against each other in a cooking contest.

The leaders bought an assortment of ingredients. The parents were split into two groups, each team got to take turns choosing ingredients. Then they had one hour to turn those ingredients into a culinary masterpiece.

Several “secret judges” would try the dishes and decide which team made the best meal.

We live in a pretty cosmopolitan community, which means that a lot of the parents hailed from different countries, which means there were some strong opinions about how to slice the onions.

Quinn was on a team with an Italian mom serving as the brains behind the operation. There was also a mom from a country in South America (sorry, I’m not trying to be vague… he couldn’t remember where she was from) offering lots of ideas.

Quinn’s team ended up with roasted vegetables, pasta with a creamy cheese sauce and chicken. Very tasty. The other team busted out with stuffed mushrooms, and a few other impossibly hoi polloi things.

Quinn’s team was getting nervous. How do you compete with stuffed mushrooms?? But there was one small detail that tipped the contest in their favor.

The “secret judges” turned out to be the scouts. (They were so busy with the cooking competition that they forgot all about their picky, carb-guzzling sons). The contest was being judged by eight 12-year-old boys.

And they were like “Stuffed mushrooms, YUCK!”


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