Here’s how my new client is making his decision

Last week I was negotiating a contract with a new client.

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My client shared his decision-making thought process with me.

He knows what he wants to accomplish, how much work he thinks he needs, and I’m sure he has a good idea of how much money he can make from his marketing efforts. He knows what he’s doing.

When we were discussing my prices and offerings he rightly wanted to get as clear a picture as he could about how much I will get done if he decides to pay me.

He wants to know what kind of ROI he’ll be getting.

I considered what he needed and pointed him toward one of my packages and committed completing to a certain amount of work.

But he still hadn’t decided.

So I called him again to see what needed to happen before we could move forward.

He said that he wanted to spend a week or two doing some of the work himself just to get an idea of how long it would take him to get it done. He knows what his time is worth, and he knows what else he needs to accomplish.

After doing that he will know how much, and what exactly, he wants to outsource.

That sounded completely fair to me! And if you’re thinking about hiring me, or anyone else for that matter, it might be helpful to try thinking it through like my new client is doing.

Figure out what exactly you might outsource. Ask yourself if you can do it yourself, and find out how long it would take you to do it well.

How much would you pay yourself to do it?

If you can do it better and cheaper and faster on your own, then by all means, do it yourself. But if you realize that you will save time and money and get better results, you should outsource.

Talk to you soon!
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