What’s the biggest barrier to you making more sales?

It’s one of the biggest mistakes I see marketers make.

Overcomplicating the order process. Making it harder for prospects to give you their money.

My friends at Leadpages have just launched a solution for that.

It’s called Checkouts.

You can read all the details about it here.

It’s a long-standing fact in marketing that the simpler and clearer your ordering process is, the more likely your prospect is to take action and buy.

Making potential buyers click through multiple pages to place an order greatly reduces the likelihood they’ll complete their order.

Think about it. Doesn’t that just make sense?

It may sound obvious, but too often marketers get it wrong.

Sometimes it’s because they try to “oversell” their product or service. Sometimes it’s just because the technology they use demands they have more steps than they should.

The folks at Leadpages have eliminated ALL the steps with this new Checkouts feature.

Now you can actually make sales from a single, simple landing page-eliminating all the barriers to the sale right on your page.

You can even automatically send your customers any digital product you’re selling right from inside Leadpages once they purchase.

This is a breakthrough that could change everything for you.

If you think simplifying your buying process would make a difference for your bottom line, go here to get all the details.

Then start adding Checkouts to your landing pages and start making more sales.


P.S. Yes, I am a Leadpage affiliate. But I’m also a member and a huge fan. They bring innovative best practices to all their landing page building functionality. That means you’re always building the highest-converting landing pages possible. Now adding Checkouts to your landing pages could make your pages even better. See how to use Checkouts on your landing pages here.

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