How well do you understand your customers?

Gordon Mitchell was also one of the five finalists for the NM PowerCircle Small Business Marketer of the Year award.

Gordon helps baby boomers get a steady stream of cash flow throughout their retirements with reverse mortgages.

He is very successful at what he does, and has implemented a lot of the direct response techniques that he has learned in PowerCircle.

For example, he has written a booklet that he gives away on his website. It’s called “Cashing in on the American Dream in Retirement,” and people can get it by entering their contact information on his website.

He also uses the book to get referrals at his seminars for real estate agents. Instead of simply handing out the book, he asks for people’s contact information (it’s really important to get these details if you want to sell to someone) and sends them as many copies as they want. This makes sense because the real estate agents that attend the class aren’t the ones getting a reverse mortgage. They are passing the information along to their clients who might need one.

Gordon has created a lot of strong marketing campaigns. But the underlying reason that it works is this: He understands how aware his customers are of his product.

Here’s the thing. Most people don’t understand what a reverse mortgage is, at all. And it’s even worse when they think they know what it is… because then they usually assume it’s some kind of a scam. It sounds too good to be true.

I’m always impressed that when faced with this level of ignorance and skepticism, Gordon never seems discouraged. He simply adjusts his message so that people will accept it.

He is never salesy. He focuses most of his energy on educating seniors and real estate agents on what a reverse mortgage is, and how they can use it to overcome their cash flow problems during retirement.

Rather than talk about the product right away, he enters the conversation that they are already having in their heads. It’s a very effective strategy.

Good work, Gordon!

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