Pamm Meyers

Pamm Meyers was the fourth finalist for the PowerCircle NM Small Business Marketer of the Year award.

Pamm Meyers

Pamm is a social media consultant and event planner. ( Take a look at her website) A lot of companies know they can get more business if they post more and get more engagement online… the only problem is that it’s hard to make time to post as often as you need to. That’s where Pamm comes in. She writes the posts for her clients, so their accounts stay active and her clients stay visible.

Her presentation included a fun video set to music where she showed photos of success events that she has thrown, and testimonials from her customers with statistics about how much she has increased the engagement on their social media accounts.
The numbers were very impressive. Pamm is the master of squeezing as much value from each social media platform as possible and maximizing engagement.
From her presentation, the biggest thing that she did to promote her own business was use the same social media strategies that she uses for her clients.

Two other things that she did over the past year that are worth mentioning.

The first thing is that she is a very effective networker. She spends a lot of time each month going to events where she will find her ideal client. She has a fun, quirky and vivacious personality and when you meet her in person you can instantly understand how she can help attract an audience to your business.

The second thing is that she knows who her ideal client is. Rather than struggle with clients that are a bad fit, she finds clients who will resonate with her personality and energy. I don’t know how she does that… instincts, I’d say.

Great work, Pamm! It’s fun watching your business take off.

Talk to you soon,
MandyP.S. My favorite part of participating in this marketing contest is being able to see what other people are doing right. I enjoy writing about business owners use the best practices and get results.If your business is doing something right, you deserve to be recognized for it. I can write a “best practices” article that you can use to promote your business. Call me at 505-515-7001 to set this up.

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