Are you making it harder for your customers to buy?

If you’re NOT making it easy for customers to purchase from you, then you’re leaving money on the table.

I want to help you fix that with Leadpages’ latest new feature, called Checkouts.

Find out how Checkouts can boost your conversions.

Leadpages just introduced this new Checkouts feature for their Pro and Advanced members.

It lets you accept payments right on your landing pages-and even deliver your digital products right from inside Leadpages.

That means no third-party payment page. No shopping cart software. No ecommerce platform.

Checkouts gives you the fastest, simplest way to process payments without making your customer jump through hoops.

So you’ve got a choice.

You can keep processing payments in multiple steps (and hoping you don’t lose sales along the way).

Or you can simplify the process with Checkouts and start making more sales now.

Why put off success?

Go here to read all about them.

And then get started.


P.S. Again, full disclosure I am a Leadpages affiliate. But I’m also a Leadpages member. I use them for all my landing pages and if you do too, you know why they’re the #1 landing page builder on the market today. Now see their latest breakthrough in landing pages that convert.

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