The most entertaining marketer of the year

On Tuesday I was one of five finalists for the NM PowerCircle Small Business Marketer of the Year

Tall Paul is a magician who made ads that people want to keep.


The guy who went in front of me was the runner up for the award, but he really should have received an honorary award of “most entertaining presenter”.

“Tall Paul” opened his speech with a card trick, and jokes, which got our attention and let us know what he does (he’s a magician… and he’s really good!).
His website is right here.
Paul does magic shows for birthday parties. And he was explaining how he put off buying a new car so that he could re-do some of his branding to make it look more colorful and professional.
Before, he was using black print on colored paper. And it didn’t look that great. So he switched to making colorful brochures that he had professionally printed (and discovered that it was actually LESS expensive to print than his old uglier flyers).

Besides making his handouts more colorful, he made a packet that his customers will want to keep.

His brochure has a list of party throwing tips that moms will want to hold on to.

Every kid gets a packet with coloring pages, little magic tricks that they can do on their own, instructions on how to do other magic tricks, and little toys.

What he was doing was very smart. He mas making ads that were valuable so that people will want to keep them.
After showing us that package that he put together, and how he uses those packages to generate more business through referrals and repeat business, he asked us all to reach under our chairs.

When we did, we all found one of those packets to keep. It was such a surprise, almost like a magic trick.

Hats off to Tall Paul, for upping his marketing game and for keeping us amused all the way through his presentation.
I’ll have more stories from the awards tomorrow.
Take care,
MandyP.S. The best part about Tall Paul’s advertising was that he made something that people would want to keep. If you want to talk about how this can work in your business, sign up for a free 15 minute discussion.

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