If all email lists started this way, there would be peace on earth

This morning I woke up and realized that I had lost 6 pounds!
For the past few weeks I’ve been on a low carb diet (recommended to me by Charles
Bram, a fitness coach) and it is working
As I go through the diet, I find myself craving my favorite foods, and realizing that I eat a lot of carbs!

The first thing I do is take what I want to eat (like a bagel with cream cheese
and smoked salmon) and find a way to replace the carbs with something else (a bell pepper with cream cheese and smoked salmon… like in the picture).

Finding healthy ways of eating my favorite foods is fun. It feels like a game. And so I decided to compile a cookbook based off it. And I started to gather the names and email addresses of people who might want it by posting a photo on Facebook and asking people to PM me if they want the recipes.

So far, everyone who PMed me is a close friend or relative. I know that the recipes will help them lose weight. And these are people who say “I love you” on the phone, sign their cards with xoxoxox and call me Sweetheart.

Should I worry that they’ll think I’m emailing too much? No, they want to hear from me. They like me.

Should I stress over how to talk to them, and what to say? No. Because I will use simple and slightly affectionate language. This is family.

I wish everyone could experience building a list full of people who truly like/love them. For me, it makes me feel confident that I can give them what I offered day after day and they will happily open it.

All the stressful stuff you read about open rates and metrics and whatnot melts away when you realize that you are having
a relationship with your readers.


Send me an email if you would either like to get my low-carb recipes or get help with your email marketing. [email protected].