Who knew men like this too?

rainbowA couple of years ago my husband, and my sister’s husband, went to the store to buy diapers and beer.

What they saw made them rush home to report back.

“They had My Little Pony t-shirts… in the men’s department!”

We didn’t want to judge, but still, (as Applejack would say) what the hay? These t-shirts were in a mainstream store, so we figured, it must be a “thing.”

After a quick Internet search we got up to speed on Bronies (bro+pony=brony). Of course My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic (produced by Hasbro) appeals to little girls. What comes as a surprise is that it also has a loyal audience of adult men.

But Hasbro embraced these fans by acknowledging them in their promotional materials, having the voice actors attend their conventions, and even creating special characters that appeal to them. Recognizing the unexpected audience helped the show to become the success that it is.

Turns out that bronies are the ideal customer.

Your business will grow if you uncover your unexpected audience

You may have an ideal client that you’ve overlooked.

Who do you currently think is your ideal customer? If you know the answer, you’re on your way. But you have to ask yourself: who else might love your product or service?

Use your imagination to list several different types of people. Examples may include retirees, parents, single people, vegetarians, long distance runners, hunters, body builders, students or brides. You may list people with a specific job title, or people who are going through a particular life event.

Once you have your list, pick one group. The one that seems the most promising. Start to gather information about that group of people. What do they talk about? What do they read? What is their biggest problem? What gets their attention?

When you make your next ad or article, make sure it speaks to that group to the exclusion of everyone else.

There are so many ads that list every type of customer as if they’re afraid to leave someone out. But when you address everyone at once, nobody listens. Once you’ve made your super-targeted ad, you have a better chance of grabbing attention and getting people to act

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