Play a little “hard to get”

Romance novels are my favorite guilty pleasure.

Last weekend I read Tough Love by Lori Foster. The main character gets the guys attention by pretending that she’s not interested in a relationship (even though she is). The more she plays hard to get, the more he wants her.

Romance aside, have you noticed that life can be like that? the harder you TRY to get someone to want your product, or become your customer, the more they resist. So what do you do?

You play hard to get.

iStock_000010172885_XXXLargeYou may be wondering how that works in a business setting. It’s simple. You use a secret technique that copywriters call The Velvet Chord.

Have you ever seen a nightclub, a theater, or a restaurant with people lined up outside and a bouncer is standing guard, holding the hoards at bay with a red velvet chord?

It makes you want to check that place out!

When you use the velvet chord, you tell the world that not everyone will use your product. Only a few people will be lucky enough to get inside.

Instead of saying “please please please buy” you say

  • I only work with people who are serious about improving their business

  • I’m only interested in working with people who are committed to changing their body

  • My product is for women who invest in their appearance

  • My clothes may be more expensive, but they are for people who need to look professional

Your customers start to wonder if they’re good enough… which can make them more eager to buy. For some, this may require a change of thinking but the shift can be liberating.

Even if you don’t openly advertise that some customers will never be a good fit (usually because they can’t afford it or don’t want to commit in some other way), it’s good to clarify what type of person is a good client… and what type of person you’d rather not deal with.

It makes it easier to reach out to your ideal customer in a way that will resonate with them.


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