Go for the Double Whammy… If your stuff works, use it again!

Nik Seet with his poster. Photo courtesy of KRSN AM 1490.

Nik Seet with his poster. Photo courtesy of KRSN AM 1490.

Last week I was surprised to see one of my clients appear in my Facebook newsfeed holding a poster that I made for him three years ago.

The poster was for his class, Financing the Entrepreneurial Enterprise. The first class filled up very quickly… so he realized that the poster was working and decided to keep using it.

But what impresses me is how he’s been able to use it in many situations, not just to pitch his class, but also to build his personal brand as an entrepreneurial thought leader.

Here are a few ways that he used his poster:

  • When he was interviewed on the radio he had his picture taken holding the poster with the microphone in the background. The picture was shared on the radio’s Facebook page, his entrepreneurial business page and a local page where students might congregate.

  • When he gave a speech to a different audience he displayed the poster in the back of the room.

  • When he wanted to publish a story in the local online newspaper, The Daily Post, he simply made a jpeg of the poster and they published it as is.

  • And when he wanted to remind his followers that he had a new class coming up , he  shared it with all of his email contacts.

You can do this too.

If you’ve made a marketing piece that works well for you, find another way to use it. It doesn’t have to be hard.

If your business has been featured in the newspaper, frame a copy and hang it up in your business. Or make a scrapbook to share with your customers. Or you can include an image of the article in your brochure or even use it in a paid ad. And of course you can post it on your blog and send out an email with the article.

If you get a thank you note ask if you can post it on your website as a testimonial. Once you have some testimonials you can print them in a brochure, include them in your media kit, or write a case study that elaborates on how one of your customers benefited from your product or service.

If one of your newspaper ads works well, see it works as a pay-per-click ad, a direct mail headline or a postcard.

There are many ways that you can reuse your content. Just use your imagination and ask yourself who else you would like to reach out to.


If you come up with a new way to give your marketing new life, let me know how it worked. Send me an email at email@mandymarksteiner.com or tell me about it in the comments. 

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