Content Marketing Consultation

Gordon Mitchell specializes in setting up reverse mortgages for people who are 62 or older.

His company, New Mexico Reverse Mortgage, was in the process of starting a content marketing campaign that would attract qualified customers. Gordon and his partner wrote an e-book called, “10 Strategies to Increase Your Retirement Cash Flow.”

Gordon came to me to get recommendations on how to improve his e-book. He also wanted advice on how to proceed with his content marketing plan.

I wanted to help him in the most cost-effective way, so we met for a one-hour content marketing consultation. During the consultation I gave him a critique of his e-book and helped him brainstorm ideas for articles, case studies and newsletters by interviewing him about his business and the needs of his clients. He received a recording and a transcript of the interview, so he could use it for future reference.

Gordon said, “I thought she gave me some excellent ideas and recommendations. She even mentioned a few things I hadn’t even thought of that weren’t directly related to copywriting.”