My new best friend

IMG_2362My mom had a talent for making friends.

Growing up I was convinced that she knew every human being in the Twin Cities area, because she seemed to be on a first name basis with every adult we encountered in public.

Eventually I discovered that it wasn’t that she knew everyone, but rather she was able to get to know people very quickly, and make friends right away.

She would be standing in line at the bank and start chit-chatting with the person in front of her. Within 30 seconds she would discover that the other person went to Catholic school in Minneapolis or watched General Hospital or played softball or sold real estate at some point…. and suddenly they would be bonding over that one thing they had in common.

When she was done, and it was time to go, she would declare, “that’s my new best friend.”

After spending a lifetime treating everyone she met like that, she had “best friends” all over.

I like to keep my mom’s example in mind when I run my marketing business. I may not be as outgoing as my mom was, but when I meet new people, talk to new customers, or work with clients I like to make a personal connection and make a new best friend.



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