Valuable copywriting lesson from a basketball coach

Last week I took my 6-year-old son to basketball camp. The coach stood in front of the kindergarten and first graders to demonstrate the crouching, hand

Happy boy

waving position posture basketball players use to play defense. Then he paused to clearly explain to that when you play defense, you stand between the ball and the net.

Duh, right?

But not to these kids. They are six and just learning to play. The definition was simple, and covered the most important thing they needed to know. It was a perfect description.

Sometimes people use complicated language when describing their products and services, because it is hard to imagine not knowing what you know. But when your customers are confused, they won’t buy.

Imagine that you are explaining your product to a six-year-old. He’s bright, sitting crossed legged on the gym floor, and ready for action. Simplifying your language doesn’t mean that you’re talking down to your customers. You are just respecting the fact that this may be the first time they have heard this information.