Roy Furr explains how to gain expert status by interviewing others

Find out more about Roy Furr at

Find out more about Roy Furr at

Roy Furr is a financial copywriter whose career quickly gained momentum after winning AWAI’s 10K challenge in 2010. When he accepted the award, he said that all the methods that he used to succeed could be used by other writers who want to win the prestigious 10K award or build their business.

During our interview, Roy focused on one technique that has helped him build professional relationships, gain access to high profile marketing professionals, and build his own stature as a copywriter and an expert in his field.

By interviewing people who he admired and who he wanted to learn from, Roy was able to move ahead faster than he could have otherwise. Interviewing people  is certainly a career move that anyone can use, and Roy provides a wealth of detail on how to do it in a professional manner that will build your business.

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Interview with Roy Furr