Little things make a big difference

Little things make a big difference.

Little things make a big difference.

I became a copywriter after reading a book by Bob Bly nearly ten years ago. Today I still follow his advice whenever possible.

So when I redesigned my website over the summer I recalled something he wrote about his own website. He mentioned that he generated leads through his website by placing an eye catching star-burst on the top banner. The starburst said, “click here for great copy,” and when the visitor clicked, they were led to the job request page.

I figured, if I’m going to copy someone’s website, it’s going to be Bob Bly’s. I visited his site and noticed that he changed the starburst into a post it. I asked my designer to use Bob’s website as a model for the button and for the job request page.

I was delighted with the results. People rarely contacted me through my old website, but with my new website people used the form to get in touch and ask about my services.

I had a chance to meet Bob at the B2B Copywriting Intensive in Chicago in July and I told him about the post-it. He was happy to hear that I used the post-it idea and asked me if I used a red thumb tack.

I hadn’t!

He urged me to add the red thumb tack. Adding the red thumb tack increased his clicks, because it’s bright and draws the eye up to the place where you want people to go.

It was great advice. I went home and added the thumb tack. Look, it’s there right now.

If you have a website and want your visitors to click on something specific, fill out a form, or take away key information, use a pop of color to bring their eyes to that area.