Why work with me?

I opened my copywriting business over eleven years ago when I moved to Los Alamos, NM, a community that revolves around science and the Los Alamos National Lab.

In my everyday life I am surrounded by scientists and inventors and I have gotten to know them personally and professionally, and understand how they think and what they care about.

This helps me write highly effective marketing copy for a highly educated audience.

I have a reputation for being able to “speak geek”

When scientists and inventors get together to discuss experiments and inventions, the conversation can get technical and geeky.

I have a reputation for being able to “speak geek.” I have a talent for helping scientists express their ideas in layman’s terms so customers understand and will be willing to buy.

Experience writing for entrepreneurs

I am involved with the startup community in Los Alamos, teaching workshops about marketing in entrepreneurial classes, at the chamber of commerce, in business groups and in co-working spaces.

I’ve helped over a dozen startup founders gain attention with clear and compelling stories, raise initial funding, craft compelling pitches and develop sales pieces. My clients appreciate my ability to simplify their ideas while persuading others to invest and buy.

Experience Developing and Executing Complex Sales Processes

Your customer isn’t buying on a whim. There’s a lot to consider: will it work for them? Does it make financial sense to buy it? Does it fit the needs of the whole team?

I am an experienced business to business copywriter who can develop and execute a complex sales strategy that will help you answer all of your customers’ questions and concerns so they will be motivated to act on the information.

Make an appointment by contacting me at email@mandymarksteiner.com.