The love couch

I don’t want to brag, but the minute I got home from Bootcamp everyone wanted to cuddle with me. My dog was first in line, because he was the first to come thundering down the stairs at three in the morning ready to greet me with licks and affectionate doggy lean-ins. Then came Quinn, ready to […]

It was such a pleasure to meet Cheryl!

Last week I got an unexpected voicemail from one of my subscribers, Cheryl Riveness.  Cheryl is a copywriter and a fellow member of the Circle of Success. This was her first time coming out to Bootcamp and she wanted to get together for coffee and say hi. What she said in her voicemail just blew […]

Eek! It’s a black widow. Kill it!!!!

I saw a black widow on the way to my car at the airport on Saturday night. She walked across a parking space, under a black corvette, across the street to a messy web where she snacked on yesterday’s butterfly. Ever since I moved to New Mexico I have been terrified of black widows. One of […]

I’m squishy and I know it

I have to admit, I’ve been feeling pretty neurotic about my clothes in the weeks leading up to the Titanides Live event and Bootcamp. I mean, it’s a professional event where you want to stand out and get clients. And so… I should buy new clothes, right? And that was what I planned to do. […]

Have you seen my keys?

Have you seen my keys? (Just kidding… but not really). One of my special quirks is that whenever life gets stressful I lock my keys in my car. The sad truth is that it even happens when that stress is positive. Like last week when I had an interview at a big, well funded and […]