How to promote music events.

Douglas Detrick is a friend from Lawrence University. He and I both studied trumpet performance. When I caught up with him recently, I was happy to see that he was still playing the trumpet and composing. But he’s also bringing his marketing skills to the table in a big way, raising money and awareness and […]

How Karen achieves a consistent online presence

On Tuesday morning I stopped by the Karen Wray Gallery to take some pictures of Karen painting. I’ll also be sure to use the pictures in upcoming articles about her art classes and exhibits, in her newsletters and on her Facebook page. I have been working with Karen for several years. I enjoy getting to know all […]

Was trick or treat on Mainstreet a SCARY waste of time?

I took my kids to Trick or Treat on Mainstreet last Friday with my kids. It was fun, but I couldn’t help but snicker behind my mask when business owners claimed that it was a good way to get in front of people and give back. Was it really? I remember being herded from booth to booth, my […]

Help, it’s too tight!

Have you ever taken tried something on in the dressing room only to find out that not only is it too tight, but you’re stuck? And now everyone in the store will hear your cries for help as you try desperately to loosen the zipper and release yourself?? … yeah. Me neither. Well, something similar happened […]

Stuffed mushrooms over the campfire

Over the weekend my husband and son went camping with the Boy Scouts. The scouts were eating gourmet campfire food! While the boys were out doing god-knows-what in the woods, the parents were pitted against each other in a cooking contest. The leaders bought an assortment of ingredients. The parents were split into two groups, each […]

How to grow your fitness business

Monster Mice Episode 7 with Charles Bram Charles Bram is a fitness coach and owner of Fit Health USA, a gym based out of Herndon, Virginia. In addition to helping his clients get fit, he helps gym owners and personal trainers grow their business. In this interview, Charles shares specific strategies for creating a marketing […]

Monster Mice Episode 4: Lauren Hazel

How to build your brand with storytelling Lauren Hazel is a marketing consultant and copy writer that helps business owners use the power of storytelling to increase their sales through creating their brand story and creating strategic email marketing campaigns. She is also the publisher of Storytelling Marketers Monthly, a newsletter that teaches marketers and […]