My husband is going to hate this (and love it)

I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help it. I have a rivalry with my husband over money. Even though he has always made more moolah than me, I still dream of raking in more than he does. When I told him today that I was offering a package where my clients get daily emails […]

Have you seen my keys?

Have you seen my keys? (Just kidding… but not really). One of my special quirks is that whenever life gets stressful I lock my keys in my car. The sad truth is that it even happens when that stress is positive. Like last week when I had an interview at a big, well funded and […]

Here’s how my new client is making his decision

Last week I was negotiating a contract with a new client. My client shared his decision-making thought process with me. He knows what he wants to accomplish, how much work he thinks he needs, and I’m sure he has a good idea of how much money he can make from his marketing efforts. He knows what […]

Mary Rose Maguire reveals her deepest secrets of market research

Mary Rose Maguire (also known as “Wildfire Maguire”) is a copywriter who helps accountants gain an unfair advantage in their marketplace, build a successful business in less time, attract better clients and make more profit. What’s her secret? Understanding your target market. In this interview she reveals How to build a buyer persona Inexpensive ways to […]

Finally revealed-The secret desire of all “housewives”

I was frantically cleaning my house for a dinner party last weekend when the doorbell rang.   A young girl holding a can of air freshener offered to let me spray the air freshener inside and asked if she could show me something and “ask my opinion.”   I wasn’t born yesterday. It was obvious […]

Get a Grip! … and get some REAL self-esteem!

A few days ago I sent out an email with the subject line “Do I need Botox?” One of my readers was not impressed. You see, a little earlier one of my kids pointed out the eleven that appears on my forehead when I forget my sunglasses before a drive down to Albuquerque. He said […]