Another valuable blogging resource from Todd E. Jones.

This week I’m going to be interviewing Todd E. Jones on my podcast. Todd is a content strategist, copywriter and web designer from Conway, Arkansas. For the past 15 years, he has been building websites and helping companies develop the content for their websites. I’m looking forward to hearing his advice on how entrepreneurs can […]

Your blog will be AWESOME in 2018… here’s why.

Did you create the content that you planned to create? Did your blog drive traffic to your website and did you turn that traffic into sales? Whether you knocked it out of the park last year with your blog… or fell a little short… chances are you want things to go even better next year. […]

Drive traffic to your site by publishing articles

Why should you write and publish articles about your small business? Simple, because when you have an article about your business, people will click on your link. In the picture to the left, the spike in traffic came because the business owner got an article published in the paper. This particular article did more than […]