It was such a pleasure to meet Cheryl!

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Last week I got an unexpected voicemail from one of my subscribers, Cheryl Riveness. two women smiling in a sunny indoor setting, at a tilted angle
Cheryl is a copywriter and a fellow member of the Circle of Success. This was her first time coming out to Bootcamp and she wanted to get together for coffee and say hi.

What she said in her voicemail just blew me away: “I’d love to tell you how much I appreciate your newsletters. I’ve learned so much from you and I feel like because of you I have found my authentic voice.”

I couldn’t have been more pleased to hear that.

When I first got started there were always copywriters that were a couple steps ahead of me, like Monica Day, Marcella Allison and Mindy McHorse. They all published stories, articles, and emails that I read on a daily basis and reading their letters and stories encouraged me so much in the beginning.
It was amazing to hear that my stories made another writer feel encouraged along the way.
Thank you, Cheryl, for reaching out to me. Best of luck here at Bootcamp. I can tell that you will be an outstanding copywriter.

Talk to you soon!
P.S. I have a busy few days ahead of me. If you need me to write some copy, the best way to reach me is to send an email at

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