I can drink to that!

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Last night I attended a wine dinner at the Pig + Fig Café, featuring the sublime wines from Hourglass.

woman holding up wine glass with red wine.
I loved the Hourglass wines!

The wine and the food went so well together. Perfect pairings!

And while I was there I noticed something that The Pig + Fig and Hourglass have in common. They have all the business they need because they have great mailing lists.

Michael Cooperman told the story about how Hourglass got their start.

They were about to release the Cabernet for the first time, the sommelier from Tra Vigne, David Stevens, asked Smith for a taste. He was completely floored by the quality and asked them to join a tasting with famous wines like Screaming Eagle, Bryant Family Wines, and Harlan Estate Wines.

At the tasting, Stevens told the judges that they added a wine from a little upstart winery called Hourglass. He asked that they just give the wines a ranking in order of preference. In a situation where they were competing against the best of the best, the wine that nobody had ever heard of was able to hold it’s own.

The next day their mailing list was filled with names, and they have been able to quickly sell their wines to their subscribers ever since. The people on the list want to buy those wines.

And as many of you know, the Pig + Fig Café also has a great mailing list. Whenever they have a wine dinner or special event, they easily fill the seats because the people on the list want to get reservations for the special events.

That is why I love email marketing so much. It makes it possible for businesses to stay in touch with people who are interested in a cost-effective manner so you don’t have to struggle to make sales.

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