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Bitcoin and Litecoin Survival Guide

“Can you Afford to Lose 42% in the Next Market Crash?”

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Better Money Decisions

How will the new tax bill impact your investments


Better Money Decisions

Tax-Law Changes For Investors; How to avoid costly mistakes-landing page and email series

Spectrum Financial 

Are You Making These Financial Mistakes

Welcome to the Spectrum Fiancial Newsletter

Ready to Spend Retirement in a Prison Cell

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I didn’t inhale

Not your grandma’s investment club

Our CVL potfolio gained 179% in 2017 and we’re still going

This Tiny Biotech Stock is Poised to Annihilate Big Pharma

How to make $50 per unit every month on apartment buildings you don’t even own

She couldn’t believe it when she made $126 in only three minutes

Don’t watch this video at work


Raffi Andonian with New York Life

Parents, are you spending 222% too much for Goldfish crackers?”

Raffi Andonian Delivers Financial Tips For Parents.”

Parents learn age-appropriate money lessons.”

The Investor Insights

What is a Blockchain and Why Should I Care

You’re Not Tardy for the Bitcoin Party


Find Out How to Talk to Your Kids About Money at a Free “Money Talks” Seminar

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