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Mandy Marksteiner and Dan Kennedy. …. When I asked Dan Kennedy to take a picture with me, he said that I had to follow two rules. The first is that taking a picture does not mean he is endorsing me in any way. (That’s cool . . . I’ve been reading his books for years, but this was the first time I actually spoke with him.) The second rule is that if I ever get convicted of a really embarrassing felony, I need to take the photo down. (Next year I’ll have to ask him what felonies he considers to be “really embarrassing.”) – Photo by Gary Wright

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting front and center at a presentation by Dan Kennedy at AWAI Bootcamp.

This was my third time hearing him speak, and he never ceases to boggle my mind. The first time, I was just getting started as a writer, just starting to find clients and help them earn more money. And I was just starting to make money for myself.
Dan Kennedy does many of the same things I do (like write), but makes several million dollars every year. What is he doing that I’m not?
There were so many things that it was hard to absorb it the first year. The second year, I decided to choose one thing to implement in my business. I chose to do away with “free consulations.”
Sounds harsh, right? (Some of Dan’s advice can be like that.)
But it was worth it for me and for my clients. Here’s why.
A couple of good things happened right away.
For me, I was able to find out right away whether I was dealing with a real, paying client or with someone who wanted free advice (and who had no intention of paying, ever). I have a family with young kids, and I can’t afford to lose hours or days in this manner.
For my clients, it is also good. When they pay my consulting fee, they know that they will get valuable advice. I’m not holding back any secrets. I’m providing the information you need to move forward. Some people take this information and implement the plan in-house. Others hire me. Either way, I am happy because they have paid a fee. There’s no pressure.
Typically, in my consultations, I give my clients ideas for content that they can use to promote their business.
When I met Dan this year, I had one question: What do you discuss with clients during initial meetings?
He told me that they mainly discuss numbers. The size of the market, the direct marketing list, the offer, how much money would come in based on a typical response rate, and how much money would come in if Dan increased the response rate.
The beauty of direct response marketing is that your results and your ROI can be measured. I’ve been studying direct response copywriting and marketing for years, but don’t “talk numbers” with my clients and readers nearly enough. That’s going to change.
When you get a marketing consultation, I’ll always be ready to discuss ideas for content. I’ll also come prepared to talk numbers with you. If you’re thinking of spending money on any type of ad or mailing list we can think through the decision to make sure you get the best value and results.
Call me at 505-515-7001 to set up an appointment.

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