Daily Emails for Trumpet Dynamics







Are you hanging out with trumpeters too much?

Step 1… “Be a dude.”

“Real Gigs” vs. Fake Gigs

 Writing press releases about trumpet the easy way.

#FML – They don’t think I can play the trumpet!

Opportunities are just falling in my lap lately.

Are you still carrying your own trumpets?

Get trumpet students in your sleep.

The dirtiest word begins with a C.

Hey guys, I found my Carmen part!

Why don’t you sound just like Phil Smith?

That first push to get your career rolling.

James’ wife begged me not to dump him.

He was man enough to say “I’m Sorry.”

My take on sexism in the trumpet world.

Three Ways to Fill Your Calendar with Paying Gigs.

One day ten hours and four minutes till Nadje!

You clean up REAL nice.

Spend More Time Doing What you WANT to Do.

A Tribute to Willian Vacchiano.

Troy Tells Me That This is Too Expensive. 🙁

My Plan to Make a Killing Off My “Tin Ears”.

How Can Trumpeters Get Traffic To Their Blog?

6 Arranging tips from Josh Rzepka.

If it Was Easter Every Year We’d All Be Rich.

Are You Being a Good Wing Man?

Will Chris Coletti Become Our New First Chair Guest?

The Fortune’s in the Follow-up.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Ask Tony Glausi Anything.

Our Most Popular Episode So Far.

Get in the News.

Does This Sound Homoerotic To You?

This Dream Has Been Collecting Dust for Too Long.

Troy Lands a Gig Every Time He Does THIS.

The Secret to Getting Gigs Finally Revealed.

James asked me to introduce myself.