Introducing a better way to promote an art exhibit.

I have a lot of experience promoting art. The trick is to get people to come to the gallery. And usually that involves planning events and parties revolving around the art. The problem is that people show up in droves for art openings, but once the opening reception is over it’s hard to get people to […]

A web designer I recommend.

I’m excited to be collaborating on some website projects with Karim Ardalan, the co-founder of Rapid Sites. I met Karim two years ago at a B2B Expo in Albuquerque. He helps small businesses create their website in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The only problem with that is that a lot of companies aren’t sure what […]

Use social media to be agile.

I first saw Mandy’s work for other people on social media. We were open to changing over to someone new, and we’re happy we changed over to Mandy. It’s gone from general writing and social media management to helping us curate our personality in the community. The most successful thing Mandy’s done was during our […]

Use social media and press coverage to find true fans

Mandy is my publicist. She writes articles for the magazine and the local papers and also posts articles on social media. It’s well worth the money, and it gets rid of the headache of ‘I have to write this article.’ Mandy takes care of it. Since I hired Mandy, I have more of a continuous […]

Here’s how my new client is making his decision

Last week I was negotiating a contract with a new client. My client shared his decision-making thought process with me. He knows what he wants to accomplish, how much work he thinks he needs, and I’m sure he has a good idea of how much money he can make from his marketing efforts. He knows what […]

I can drink to that!

Last night I attended a wine dinner at the Pig + Fig Café, featuring the sublime wines from Hourglass. The wine and the food went so well together. Perfect pairings! And while I was there I noticed something that The Pig + Fig and Hourglass have in common. They have all the business they need because they have […]